Story Ideas About Mysterious Events and More

Here are some story ideas that you can turn into fiction of your own.

Story Ideas About Mysterious Events

1) Your character's husband/wife slips out of the house every night at two a.m. and doesn't return until morning. When confronted about this, s/he says only, "It's better for you not to know..."

2) Hidden in his or her house, your character finds what appears to be a voodoo doll in his/her own image...

3) Your character goes to a job interview and is almost immediately offered a job. The salary is huge, but the job description was so vague that the character has no idea what s/he will actually be expected to do. Nor does s/he have any information about the company s/he'll be working for. "Don't worry," says his/her new employer. "All you have to do is show up. I'll see you Monday?"

4) Every night, your character has been dreaming about the same house, a house s/he can't remember ever having seen before...

5) A stranger stops your character in the street, says his/her name, and tells him/her, "Be in the lobby of the Palace Hotel at midnight." Before your character can ask any questions, the stranger has hurried away...

More Story Ideas

1) Your character's best friend is very upset. She has just spent all her savings on a new house, but after just one night, she says that she can't live there, that there's something horribly creepy about the place. Your character tells the friend that it's a lovely house and she's being irrational. To convince her, she offers to stay there with her the following night...

2) Your character and his wife have been caring for a foster child, David. They love this child and decide to adopt him. Just when the adoption is about to go through, David's natural father changes his mind and decides he wants to take David home. Your character is heartbroken -- and also seriously alarmed for David's welfare. David's natural father is not a suitable parent. Your character is ready to do whatever it takes to keep David -- even if it means breaking the law...

3) Your character comes home one evening, and is startled to find a stranger in his/her kitchen. "I know you must be wondering who I am and what I'm doing in your house," the stranger says, "and I promise that I'll explain everything. But, first, there's something I need you to do..."

4) Create a character based on a real person whom you've always found mysterious. Write a story in which you try to get inside that person's mind.

5) Write a story in which the main character has to choose between two things s/he really wants (for example, his/her ideal job and his/her ideal romantic partner). Invent a situation in which the character really has to give up one of them in order to get the other.

6) Write a story based on a dream you've had. Something from your dream actually happens to your main character.

7) Write a story in which the main character does something you'd like to do in real life but don't dare.

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