A Dream Land of Passion

by Nojang Victoria
(Buea, South West, Cameroon)

Jeffrey Don Cabos is the only son of Don Cabos the owner of Simony oil wells. Handsome is so little a word to describe this magnificent, outrageous and gorgeous young man. He has this intense look in his sky blue eyes that would cause a woman to quiver and shiver at his mere look.

Jeffrey was a scholar and had no interest in women, to him women were a source of distraction and an evil temptation.

His personal philosophy had always been that, God created men, while Satan created women. But the moment Sharon Benson came into his life he saw that this particular temptation could not be fought.

"I thought such dazzling men were only found in fairy tales," Sharon told herself, as she watched this handsome god come in. She had read a series of romantic novels but never had she come across something such as him.

Suddenly, Jeffrey met her gaze, he was stunned by her self dignity, she was not like the other women who would practically worship his feet, if he did as much as give them a smile. He must know who the lady is.

"Good morning sir Jeffrey," Sharon said in haste and ran for the scenario was getting too hot for her. His gaze made her heartbeat rise and fall as waves on a stormy day.

This man was practically controlling her imagination.

She held her head firmly but she could not stop her heart from pounding. Then suddenly her imagination took control of her and in her dream world, she felt him caress her delicate skin, sweep her off with a kiss so sweet, hot and passionate. Never had she experienced such burning desire and ecstasy. Suddenly her dangerous imagination led her to kissing and caressing the floor.

Jeffrey rushed out of his office when he heard laughter and commotion. "Are you okay Sharon?" he asked with deep concern. "Jeffrey I love you," was the only response she could give. Suddenly she realized herself, the scandal her action had caused and ran out in tears hating Jeffrey and her lust for him.

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