How to Write a Screenplay or Play

Here, you'll find the essentials of how to write a screenplay or play, along with answers to the following questions:

*Full disclosure: these are not actually FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). These are QWATNAs (Questions We're Answering Though Nobody Asked).

Top Screenwriting QWATNAs:

  • Which well-known film-maker outlines movies on paper napkins while drinking chocolate milkshakes?
  • What should you do if the hero of your screenplay just feels like sitting around watching Friends reruns all day?
  • What free screenplay software options are available? Which one isn't as "free" as it might seem?

Top Playwriting QWATNAs:

  • What are some differences between writing for theater and for films?
  • If you're writing a play about Cinderella's marital problems, should you start it before or after Prince Charming gets caught kissing the maid?
  • Would you go to jail for writing a theater script that called for live tigers on the stage?

How to Write a Screenplay or Play - Contents

How to Write Screenplays 1 - Getting Started. Tips on coming up with screenplay ideas and developing your hero(ine) and story.

How to Write Screenplays 2 - Screenplay Structure. How many pages, how many acts, how many scenes, etc.

How to Write Screenplays 3 - Developing Your Script. Techniques for turning your ideas into an actual script.

How to Write Screenplays 4 - Free Screenplay Software. They won't write your screenplay for you, but they'll format it, make your coffee, and give you a relaxing massage (well, one out of three anyway).

How to Write Screenplays 5 - Free Screenplay Software (continued). What will these softwares really let you do for free, and what do you have to pay for? .

How to Write a Play 1 - Character and Plot. A step-by-step guide to start planning your play.

How to Write a Play 2 - Actions and words. More on how to write a script that will really work on the stage.

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