A Friendly Affair

by Amlandeep Bhattacharya

Rahul had been going to the swimming pool since March 2011. Everyday he used to swim and search for someone with whom he could talk. His major problem was loneliness. He lost crucial years of life due to a a mental ailment, OCD and today he has among his friends his parents and some uncles and aunties. This has become quite boring.

On one Monday morning Rahul was waiting for the trainer to collect the membership card when he saw his old school friend Md. Faruque coming out of the dressing room. At first he thought that he would avoid Faruque just when he saw Faruqe smiling at him. He remained spellbound and felt inquisitive to speak to Faruque. But he immediately became hesitant to start conversation. What would he say if Faruque asked him what he was doing? Faruque by that time was working as an engineer and was married, too. So after a brief hi and hello, he moved from that place.

After that day Rahul stopped going to the pool. Not that he was afraid of showing his failure but felt that they did not have anything common to share. With a heavy heart, he realised that old relationships could not be revived.

Rahul contacted his counsellor who made him understand that running away from any problem would not solve it. Let bygones be bygones. He has to face reality and try to make a life of his own. This gave Rahul's shattered ego courage and he thought of starting anew.

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