A Morning With Callie

by Lisa Vandiver
(Savannah, TN)

Callie the Calico sleeps peacefully and purrs softly as she dreams of chasing mice until the alarm clock rudely awakes her.

She yawns and stretches her body out long across the dresser and watches Ana step from the bed to the closet.

She knows that very soon little Grace will be waking and that means their game of hide and seek will begin, and last all day long!

Callie completes her stretch and just like a lady, she prances to the litter box and there she completes her tasks.

Suddenly her ears perk up at the sound of soft murmurs coming from Grace's room.

"She is awake," Callie thinks to herself and races into the one year old's room.

"Callie," Grace sweetly sings as she takes a swipe at Callie's ear, but Callie stands her ground. It is after all, her duty to watch over little Grace in Ana's absence.

As Ana enters the room, Callie purrs softly at her little friend and then she prances out of the room for another morning adventure.

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