A Story About-

by Kaitlyn Curtis
(Croton on Hudson, New York)

Rummaging through the pockets of his coat for a cigarette as he stepped onto the now deserted streets of Uncertainville, his brows pulled together in annoyance realizing he’d finished the pack earlier. Had it really mattered all that much? What satisfaction would someone like himself receive from smoking anyway? As he took in the cool air from outside, his irritable expression remained.

“Hey! Did you even know those guys in there?” The blonde asked with great curiosity as she trailed behind, undeniably drawn to him.

With her sudden interjection into his thoughts he turned to once again meet the familiar face from inside the pub. Though she was seemingly interested as to how he’d initiated such chaos among people he’d never met before tonight, he simply shrugged, the tension in his muscles slowly releasing while his mind slipped away from his cigarette crisis. “Eh, I know them,” he admitted in a casual tone. “Don’t you?” he asked, narrowing his eyes enough to get a reaction out of her, an odd look even. Although he could have waited for a response, he continued with his questions. “I bet you’ve at least dated the drunken one, haven’t you? If not you, your friend or your sister has given him a go… or was it your cousin? Anyhow, one way or another you’re connected to him is what I’m saying. You know?” As his gaze rolled to the concrete sidewalk, he lightly scuffed the sole of his shoe against a small ridge in it. “If you watch people long enough you’ll realize they’re all pretty much alike. We may not want to think so, but it’s not a suggestion, it’s simply nature.”

With a slight frown all she asked was, “You really believe that?” Not wanting to agree with his cynical outlook she wished to contest, however she knew how difficult it was avoiding Certainty.

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