A True Wifey Affair

by Amlandeep Bhattacharya

Rajat an assistant commissioner of income -tax used to drink heavily. Whe talks of his marriage was going on there was no mention of his drinking problem.

His wife Meera was a middle class woman with her own little desires which was easily met by Rajat by his 'extra money' earned from under table activities. Things were going quite well till their second anniversary when Rajat came home late and was drunk. When Meera enquired Rajat said to her,'I am very very sorry boss.'

In anger and fury Meera didn't talk to him for next three days. Ultimately Rajat bought a good looking Kanjeevaram saree for her and apologised.
Then a lot of water flew over the Ganges near Kolkata, two years passed. Rajat's drinking problem increased very much and Meera felt life to be a hell.

One day the janitor of their quarters came to Meera and said, 'Rajat sir has taken a loan of Rupees three thousand from me and promised to return it by last Friday but he didn't return.' Meera knew that Rajat used to do all sorts of stupid acts when drunk but there was never any complaint of him with money.

Confused and perplexed Meera asked Rajat but he was fast asleep. Meera went to the corner of the room where the dities were placed and soon she got an excellent idea.

She went to the agency that supplies watchman. After enquiring a lot she understood that the watchman was a fraud.

Next day when the watchman came to take the money she told him ,'the agency people over there said that you were jobless for last three months, how come Rajat took loan from you?' The watchman got scared and just ran away from the flat. Thus Meera, though angry with Rajat for many reasons saved him from the grasp of an unscrupulous janitor.

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