by Wulfie

Alone. The word circulated around his head, and above all else, seemed to stick there. He suddenly felt it hit him like a sack of bricks; the loneliness, the pain, the fear. Oh, God, especially the fear. It gnawed at his inside like a caged beast, just waiting to be set free.
There was simply nothing more he could do, but wait to be killed. It was obvious the creature wouldn't die - not without an army to kill it - and he had no way to contact anyone. Even if he did, the minute they stepped foot on the island, they'd be killed. He had no idea, why he himself was saved until now. He felt like a mouse, being toyed with before it was eaten.

The steps outside creaked under something's heavy weight, and his heart started to race. He had no idea it was possible to feel this much terror, but it seemed like in another second his heart would stop from it. He shut his eyes as the door swung open, slowly, and waited until the last second.

Shuffling footsteps could be heard, getting louder as they got closer. The anticipation was killing him, and he opened his eyes, immediately wishing he had't. A sight so horrendous stood before him that his heart was seized in horror. The last thing he ever saw was a gaping mouth, rows of jagged teeth filling the inside. Then, a horrible pain, and after that....nothing.

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