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Jan 11, 2017
Nothings changed NEW
by: Scribe: No RIghts Reserved

The Light did pass by. Spoke into the dark come out. Vermin and Snakes still.

Jan 11, 2017
All this I do for Thee NEW
by: Scribe:No RIghts Reserved

Hole dug deep. Big rock at the bottom. Heavy timber slides in. Suddenly drops. Suddenly stops. Iodine

Jan 10, 2017
The River Of Truth NEW
by: Scribe; No Rights Reserved

The RIver Of Truth flows fast,deep,and wide.It's waters can form letters and numbers that Nature strings together just right. To get to the truth, no matter how far downstream, dip in your cup and pour the truth out, over, and over again.I asked,"Who is Jesus?" Light poured from my cup. O Skip stones on water. In Heaven we use our feet. Skippy do da day. -------------------------- Mercy Rages Now Hold fast that which you do have Rejoice in the wait

Dec 30, 2015
Well NEW
by: JoJo

Ana. Your poem caught my eye....msybe because we are both from Aabama,maybe because we both love to write, maybe because we both are looking for wellness.... Whatever the reason stay positive ... We must guard our health.... The best to you and keep writing .... Smiles

May 13, 2013
Your Poem NEW
by: Me, Myself,and I

Your poem is really interesting and I love it, I love writing poems-even though I'm only 12. That is s really cool poem.

Dec 27, 2012
God bless you! NEW
by: Anonymous

Hope you get better soon.
My advise:
Tell yourself you are not sick,and you won't be.
Be happy and free, Nothing is holding you back. Nothing.

Dec 17, 2012
In prayer NEW
by: Anonymous

Merry Christmas-
mz hands in prayer
for your health
With brother love,
Vasile (Basil)

Nov 12, 2012
Hi Ana NEW
by: Anonymous

I hope and pray you get well soon. God bless you and heal you!

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