ANGELA'S ASHES by Frank McCourt

by Jodzy

Reading Angela's Ashes makes me realise just how economics has evolved, how a mother's love is unconditional and how poverty affects the smallest of children. Cleverly written through the eyes of a young Irish Catholic boy, I was inspired to start writing my own memoirs, though mine pale in comparison to Frank's haunting stories. A competent tale-teller, sombre and poetic, Frank makes me want to gather my children in my arms and assure them that there will never come a day where I send them to steal coal and clothes, give them more than sugared water for their meals. It is quite amazing how far Ireland has come from the days of poverty and potato famines. Charming, bittersweet, heartwrenching with a nod towards the humour of the Irish, Frank McCourt is truly an inspiration to never let go of your dreams. We can all make it to America.

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