Character Questionnaire - Part 6

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This questionnaire will help you get to know your fictional characters so that you can bring them to life in your stories.

Memories (Continued)

What is something your character wishes s/he could go back into the past and do over?

Who is someone your character has lost?

What were the circumstances of your character's first kiss?

As a child, what did your character do during summer vacations?

What is a place that was important to your character as a child?

What is a memory that your character finds comforting?

What is a memory that makes your character feel guilty?

What is a memory that makes your character feel proud?

What is a memory that your character cherishes like a treasure?


When thinking about your character's relationships, consider these questions: Who dominates? How do they get along? What do they like or admire about each other? What are sources of tension? What secrets do they have from each other?

Now, make notes on your character's relationship with ...

- his/her family

- his/her friends

- his/her romantic partner(s)

- his/her coworkers (if applicable)

- his/her employees (if applicable)

- his/her boss (if applicable)

- his/her in-laws (if applicable)

In what ways does your character take after his/her parents?

Possessions/Setting Details

What kind of car, if any, does your character drive?

What is your character's financial situation?

What's the first physical possession your character would save from a fire?

What is your character's relationship with technology? Does your character tend to have the latest technical gadgets or older models?

Is there any art in your character's home? What kind? Where did it come from?

What's on your character's bookshelf?

What's in your character's...

- handbag, backpack, briefcase, or pockets?

- refrigerator?

- medicine cabinet?

- night table drawer?

Does your character have a hiding place? What does s/he keep there?

STORY IDEA: Think of the worst possible person to discover your character's hiding place. Then let this person discover it. What happens?


What's your character's favorite...

- color?

- food?

- drink?

- song?

- film?

- book?

What sports teams, if any, does your character follow?

Are there any particular brands your character tends to prefer?

Is there a character in a movie or a book that your character particularly admires or identifies with?

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