Christmas Magic

by Lizzy Crumling
(York, Pa, USA)

My favorite part of Christmas is spending time with my family and making sure we are all ready for the holiday. I can always remember the smell of my house around Christmas time. The smell of the freshly bought Christmas tree and the aroma of Christmas cookies baking in the oven make me think of happy times. My father, brother and younger sister decorating the tree and my mother and I making a bunch of different cookies with Christmas music blaring, getting us ready for the Christmas season. I love the smell of our tree mixing with the smell of the freshly baked cookies.

Chocolate chip, snicker doodles, peanut butter, M&M, you name it my family baked it. We would bake cookies all night long until we would run out of cookie dough. This would take all day but at the end of the day it always worth it. And after all of our hard work was done the whole house would smell just like cookies and our tree, as we placed our baked cookies in a big metal tin and packed up the extra ornaments. I love sitting in my living room with a bowl of the delicious smelling cookies & milk, and watching the lights on my Christmas tree blink on and off. That’s what my family and I do every year in the middle of December, knowing that Christmas is quickly approaching.

And every year I enjoy the smell of my house, the smell of the pine tree sitting in my living room, the smell of the multiple types of cookies baking, the smell that always reminds me of my favorite place to spend the holiday season: My own house with my family.

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