Creative Writing Activities and Lesson Plans - Lesson 8: Narrative Viewpoint (Continued)

On this page, you'll find lesson plans and creative writing activities for the eighth class in our fiction writing syllabus. To go to the first lesson, click here. You can use this creative writing syllabus to give you ideas for your own course planning.

The reading assignments for these creative writing lessons all come from Charles Baxter's A Relative Stranger.

Creative Writing Lesson Plans - 8: Narrative viewpoint (continued).

Reading: Charles Baxter, "Snow."

Discussion focus: The story "Snow" is written from a twelve-year-old's point of view. What details does the character notice and think about that an older character might not focus on? In what ways is the character's perception limited by his age?

In-class activity: 10-minute writing assignment -- students re-imagine a scene from "Snow" from Stephanie's or Ben's point of view.

Homework: Students re-imagine one of their own previous writing assignments from a 12-year-old's perspective. They can either introduce a 12-year-old into the scene, or change one of their older characters into a 12-year-old, adapting the situation however they like to make this work.

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