Creative Writing Courses Online - Class 8: Reading and Writing

This is Class 8 of CWN's fiction writing course. (If you're not signed up for these creative writing courses online,Click here to get started now. They're free, and you're invited!)

Creative Writing Courses Online - Class 8

Topic: Reading and writing

Wow, it's an exciting day. This is the last regular class of the Free Writing Course in Fiction -- after today's class, you will get started on your final project to complete the course. You've come a long way, and I hope you feel proud of your progress!

10-minute writing assignment - Do this after reading the lesson:

Your character's blind. The man she has started dating isn't. He invites her for the first time to his apartment. While she is there, she notices various clues that tell her this man is probably married. Write part of the story from the blind woman's point of view. Remember that she's not able to see, so you must not use any visual details. Focus on sounds, smells, the sense of touch, even taste. This is her first visit to her new boyfriend's apartment, so she's probably paying a lot of attention to what is around her. Describe the apartment as vividly as you can without involving the sense of sight.

Optional: Next, rewrite the scene from the man's point of view. Remember, he can see, so you can use visual details. But its his apartment, so he's not paying attention to it the same way the woman is. On the other hand, he would be paying attention to what she looks like, how she's reacting, etc.

Today's reading - After completing the reading, return here to do the 10-minute writing assignment:

At the beginning of the free writing course, I told you that you'd need to get hold of a short story anthology. Did you? If not, please do it now because you'll need it for your final project for this courses. You can find anthologies at yourpublic library, or browse this list at Amazon to get ideas. Your reading assignment today is to read one short story from the anthology. While you're reading, pay attention to how the author put into practice some of the techniques we've discussed in the course.

Creative Writing Courses Online- Tasks:

  1. First, fill out the Progress Checklist, and come back to this page.
  2. Next, complete today's reading, and come back.
  3. After you've finished the reading, do the 10-minute writing assignment. To review the guidelines for 10-minute writing assignments, click here.
  4. When you've finished today's class, you're ready to start on the final project for the free writing course in fiction. Click here for details.


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