Day Trip To Heaven

by Maxine Hurst
(Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK)

Full of trepidation and excitement, the day has finally arrived in which I am going on a day trip to heaven.

The year is 2091 and I am a professional 28 year old single woman in need of a little adventure. Psychics and scientists have been researching for years to find ways that the living can visit and I am now on my way!

Extreme anxiety would be an understatement to describe my state of mind flying through the clouds on the Paradise Plane. Being unable to relax thinking about what is in store, thoughts are spiralling out of control. After travelling through the hemisphere for days, there was a sudden jolt and emotions took over of pure elation and serenity.

All of a sudden I was in a place that was an eternal, unconditional whirlpool of acceptance & love. Every soul became instantly recognisable and the sight of God was amazing; the love burning through my body was overwhelming.

I was impatient to ask the spirits questions about the meaning of life, when suddenly, in a flash, all was answered with no words necessary. On my return to the other side, I knew there would be freedom to live without fear of the unknown - it was pure ecstasy floating through eternity.

'Abbey, Abbey, are you OK?' Male voices are around me becoming increasingly louder. 'I think she'll be OK, just a bump to the head - best get her checked out at the hospital though to be on the safe side.'

'Come on Abbey darling' I hear a gentle recognisable male voice ask. Looking up at a handsome face, an awareness came that he was a big part of my life.

'We'd better get you checked out before the New Years Eve party' he continued ' I want us to see in 2011 with a bang not a bump!'

Ouch, my head really hurts ........

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