by Olivia

At age six I had already made my decision to be the ultimate master of music in every way. Disney World 2004, the pianist at Epcot caught my eye, and I was lured in by the lovely sound of the flawless musician playing. Never before have had I heard something ever so beautiful, so exquisite. My little ears listened intently, focusing on how to play, watching his hands hit the black and white keys.

“Can we leave already? I need to go to the kid’s play area NOW!” my sister impatiently demanded, not caring about anybody but herself. I wanted to stay, but my eight year old sister didn’t care; she was sporty, always wanting to get up and move. All I could think was why would she want to leave?

The wonderful pianist in the red and white stripes finished up and we all clapped in amazement. I wish that someday I will be as good as the pianist, performing in front of hundreds. My sister was standing there with her arms folded, toe tapping, and her facial expression carved into a hard frown. She looked uncomfortable around this, and we could all see that it was awkward for her.

She was the different one, out of “her element” that day. Now, at age 13, I am the one who is different from her and the people that are exactly like her, me being the one attached to music instead of sports. I am still reaching to pursue my goal, and I will never give up loving the way the pianist played in Disney World, seven years ago.

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Jun 09, 2011
Good Title
by: Maria Padron

When this started out, I thought it was about two adults. But it wasn't. Two children who wanted to go in different directions. I loved to listen to classical music when I was in my early teens. I would sit with my ears to the speakers and could sit for hours. But of course my mom would not let me. The way you wrote it here took me back and made me relive those years. I hope you do keep this love in your heart and never let it go. Keep up the good work. Loved this.

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