ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott Card

"All right. We're saving the world, after all. Take him." I love reading science fiction. Being my favorite genre, I'll read anything sci-fi, from Isaac Asimov to Suzanne Collins. Picking a favorite out of what seems like hundreds of great science fictions is hard. But overall, I think Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card comes out on top because of the creativity that he creates his futuristic world and characters with.

In Ender's Game Orson Scott Card creates a protagonist unlike any you have ever read about. Six-year old Ender has a stubborn, persevering, and thoughtful personality that will keep surprising you when he uncovers more of his personal traits. As Ender participates and excels in the training exercise called the "Game," he learns what he can (and might) be. Orson Scott Card sends a message in Ender's Game that tells you of what a complex and tangled mess politics and military matters really are.

The "Game" is another major element of the message that is found in Ender's Game. The Game send armies of young soldiers against each other into simulated battles. These simulations are created in battle rooms in the battle school Ender attends, which is orbiting in space. Ender uncovers the truth about the corruptness of the Game and what the real purpose it has is as it tests him to his limits to turn him into the ultimate battle strategist.

The mysterious "bugger" aliens that Ender is being trained to fight are part of another message. Are the buggers really just deadly killing machines? Or do the human-sized, ant-like, tunneling buggers have another reason for fighting? Ender's Game shows a probable course of action(war) that we would take today if we found unfamiliar aliens like the buggers who were only fighting a defensive war to protect themselves. After finishing this book I wondered if the buggers were really that much different from the humans.

Ender's Game is a sci-fi that readers of all ages won't be able to put down. I highly recommend it to all sci-fi lovers and anyone else that loves a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat, ignoring everything else, until the very end.

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