Fried Oreos

by Auriana
(York, Pa)

Shish kebabs, watermelon, ice cream at the door.
Candy apples, roasted peanuts, icy pops and more.
Tangy smells, sweet smells, burnt smells too,
Salty smells, spicy smells to put my nose through.

Rummaging through my pocket map, I peek up to see the tallest rollercoaster in the amusement park. I hear people laughing, chanting and encouraging each other to get on it. With a large smile, I look back and tell my friends that this is the one.

Walking towards the line of what was known as the Superman, something interrupts my focus. The scent was inevitable. The sharp scent of peanut butter and chocolate were relevant and intertwined into my mouth, making it water. There was an edge to the madness.

Hopping straight out of line, I walked around using my nose and my ambition to find the destination of the mouth-watering smells.

Walking further and further away from the smell, I realized I wasn’t going the right way. I was not going to give up. Walking back from the way I came, I came amongst the Superman once again. Looking past the Superman, I saw a small table occupied by many people. Walking near there, the smell became very strong. I had found the FRIED OREOS!

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