Fun Company

by Anthony

Once upon a time in a land far away land there lay a little school in the middle of a small rural town. In the little school there was a medium-sized cafeteria. In the cafeteria there were 5 long tables, and one “timeout table”. In each table sit a different age group. In the 5th grade table there were two naughty kids. One of those two naughty kids was me.

In the cafeteria there there was a program called fun co. In Fun Co. the children do whatever they please until their parents come and pick them up and go home. Sounds legit right well, at least that's what they say.

Here is the normal schedule for a normal day at Fun Company:

> We go straight to the bathroom to wash our hands and usually there is a 10 minute line and only 2 people can enter at a time even if there are like 6 sinks.

> We grab a cheap snack. Since the little 2nd graders and 1st graders go first and take the good snacks and they leave the cheap granola bars for the 5th and 4th graders.

> We need to listen to the guy named Mr. Mark give his same lame speeches about broken dodge balls, losing Legos, and talking during his speeches for an hour and 30 minutes (sometimes they take 3 hours)

> I always talk through his speeches with Declan (spelt his name wrong) so we get sent to the “timeout table” and trust me on this, when you get sent to the “timeout table” five counselors watch you like hawks.

> After I leave the “timeout table” if my dad didn’t pick me up yet Declan (spelt his name wrong again) and I would go to the “reading area” with Declan (spelt his name wrong) and build forts with pillows and throw stuffed animals at each other.

> Then my dad or mom would pick me up and take me home.

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