Graveyard Perfume

by Patricia

Stunned and in grief filled despair I stared at her tombstone. A scent came in answer to my whispered words “Mama Where are You”?

In this unexpected crisis, decades ago, all that I had believed in held no comfort until the gentle breeze carried a lovely smell of perfume. I was the only person there and was amazed at the loveliness of the aroma that blew in from the right. Deeply inhaling and wanting to hold onto to the essence I turned my head toward the left. There in the distance, to my surprise, I saw a beautiful deer calmly grazing. A wonderful peace and comfort beyond understanding filled my entire being.

Years later I would come to understand the depth of healing significance this would have on my life and grieving others. I would have the honor, at certain times, of being a bridge of communication between the thin veil that separates the grieving living and those who had passed on.

The heavenly scent of graveyard perfume was a deep and treasured comfort that created a beautiful lasting memory.

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