Helping Out

by Pat Warren
(Bristol, United Kingdom)

Amy was miked, so I could hear every word of the conversation through the headphones. In spite of her bravado earlier the tremor in her voice was apparent. However, even when I explained that the under cover work she had agreed to participate in to help catch the killer would be extremely dangerous, Amy was not deterred. She was desperate to help.

My colleague Anderson sat opposite me in the unmarked police vehicle. He was an old hand at this type of work and I sincerely hoped the new PC with us on the case was alert and standing by. He was as green as his face had been when he had viewed the body with me in the mortuary.

The suspect in question, Danny Smith, carried on the conversation with Amy. He asked if she wanted a cigarette and we heard her refuse. Then, his voice low and seductive, Smith told her what a pretty girl she was and asked if she wanted to go for a walk with him. Amy said she might. Smith carried on trying to persuade her, flattering, cajoling.

It was when Amy said she had to get home that Smith's tone changed.

"No you don't, you're coming with me now!"

Smith snarled the words, his evil intentions apparent.

Amy screamed, then went silent.

Anderson was out of the vehicle in time to assist DS Kyle dragging the evil, deranged man away from the sobbing, terrified girl. Kyle got punched in the struggle that ensued, but he held Smith's arms in spite of his efforts to escape, until Anderson got the cuffs on him.

I read Smith his rights, then Anderson took him away, but not before Amy thanked us for catching her best friend's killer and proclaimed a blushing PC Kyle her hero.

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