How to Write Description - Description Questionnaires

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Here are two questionnaires you can use to make your story characters and settings more vivid.


- Don't feel obligated to include every detail in your story. Only use the ones that fit naturally into a scene.

- Instead of presenting long blocks of description, it is often better to weave descriptive details into a scene without interrupting the storytelling.

Questionnaire for describing a character

- What is the first thing someone would notice about this character?

- What would someone notice after observing the character more closely?

- Is there anything unusual about the character's appearance?

- Describe the character's voice and manner of speaking.

- How does the character move and walk?

- How does the character dress?

- What does the character smell like?

- Compare this character to someone or something (an animal, a celebrity, another character in your story).

- If this isn't your main character, what memories or feelings do they inspire in your main character?

Questionnaire for describing a place

- Give a general first impression of this place, from your main character's point of view.

- Describe something your main character would notice only after observing the place more closely?

- What feeling does the place give your main character?

- What does it remind your main character of?

- What sounds might you hear in this place?

- What does the place smell like?

- How does the place change depending on when you visit it (e.g., during the day versus at night, different seasons, different weather)?

How to write description - next steps

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