If It Wasn't For The Lightning

by Spencer Hall
(Show Low, Arizona, USA)

We were running. Trying to escape the cold, hard rain. It was seeping into every pore, making everything wet and cold. We had been hiking and stopped for dinner when out of nowhere dark clouds came and attacked us with their torrents of water and hail.
Lightning flashed. In the distance we could see a cabin. Every flash it got a little closer. The lightning flashes gave us hope. Then it struck a tree not ten feet away from us. It blew us back and I was in a half conscious state. I looked where the tree was and saw a huge river. If it wasn't for the lightning we would have been swept away in the black mass of water.
The lightning was helping us see. We found the cabin again, but it was on the other side of the river. Then we saw the bridge. It was an old bridge made out of rope and wood planks. We had to chance it. My friend Robert went across first. The bridge sagged so that it was almost in the water, but otherwise, it was okay.
Eventually we made it to the cabin and started a fire. As I sat there warming my self I couldn't help but think: If it wasn't for the lightning we never would have made it.

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