Imaginary Stunt...

by Kalai Selvi Arivalagan
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

It took a while for her to settle down in the new place. Though it took merely ten minutes to reach her office, she missed her bus travel. The lengthy traveling time that took sometimes more than an hour to reach her office, provided her the time to be in her imaginary world and interact with her imaginary characters. She always loved to be in that trance and enjoy a world of her own. The bus travel also gave her the much needed time to read both fiction and non fiction books.

Above all, she missed her imaginary stunt that took her to an unknown realm of happiness where she lived shedding away all her inhibitions and fears. She lived alone there with her heart throb and lived a life that made her smile always. That dream world of trance opened its doors, once she got into the bus. Crowded or not crowded, she never fails to take the chance to be in trance. Unmindful of whatever that happened around her, or whatever people thought about her, she continued to exist in her own world of fancies.

When she had someone to talk with her, she did not go into that world of trance. But, whenever she traveled alone without anyone to talk to her, she immediately jumped into that world of trance. Her eyes will search fervently for some one who can impress her at the first sight. If she happened to spot someone she will start to weave her next tale of romance. The imaginary characters that reflected real characters in life will become the central characters in her story.

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