In the Dark

by Aliza, 16 year old

The thundering rain showered itself on the car. It glided at a great speed but a rhythmic pace on the empty road. I looked at him, my mind full of thoughts. Will he be able to string the four words together?? he shot a smile at me.

I virtually experienced the taste of his rosy lips, feeling the caress on my cheeks. Although I acted as if his waking me up at midnight and taking me to an isolated jungle offended me, deep inside, I knew what he wanted to do. And I already loved the way he was going to do so.

The rain slowed down, the car did too. My heart kept skipping beats, pounding harder. He gently pulled me out of the car, holding me against my waist. He brushed his hand around my ear, around the dangling diamond earrings.

His eyes pierced mine, ah, the color of molten caramel. As he came closer the caramel of his eyes started burning, fiery red. I led out a blood curdling scream as something sharp pierced my chest. feeling the hot blood, I stumbled onto the road.

With my eyes wide open, I stared at his, whose caramel had molten again. He came closer to me, brushed his hands against my ears and took the diamond earrings. He sat in the car and glided away, leaving me in hot blood, in the shadow of the dense forest foliage.

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