by Liezel Pichay

"Hello, Julianne?" It's a familiar voice on my phone.

"It's Alexander. I hope you still remember me." How wouldn't I?

Without him, I would never have been good in academics nor would I be successful in my career now. He was my teacher in sixth grade.

I was one of the lazy kids in class until this young teacher entered my class and caught my heart. I studied hard to gain his recognition. I requested him to be my tutor in high school. In college, he was my inspiration. He made me so happy until he told me he was getting married. I cried. I cried in front of him.

"I love you." I confessed. He just smiled at me saying:

"It's just a puppy love." And he gave me a warm brotherly hug.

On his wedding day, I was there -- smiling, but wounded inside.

After that, I kept distant from him.

It happened four years ago, but the memories are still clear and the pain still here. How would I ever forget him?

"Oh, it's you!" I answer sluggishly. "How are you, sir?"

"I'm more than fine, actually; just had my first baby -- a pretty daughter. Imagine? After four years!"

"That's great, sir. Congratulations!" I mean it.
"Surely she got a good name?"

"Thank you. Actually, I have registered it this morning. You know, her name is really special. I took it after this girl whom occupied a big part of my heart. I really missed this girl, you know? I hope my daughter will be a sweet kid like her."

I'm not really paying attention to what he's saying. I just want to end this conversation. So I ask:

"What is this sweet kid's name, sir?"

He replies: "Julianne."

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