Just Another Client

by Jennifer

Sitting in the back of a yellow cab, Julie looked at the address on the crumpled piece of paper. She knew it by heart. She’d known it her whole life. Everyone knew that address.

“No big deal,” she murmured, nervously. “It’s just another client.”

Her colleagues would be jealous if they knew, but Julie was more anxious than excited. She was afraid her intimidation would be obvious enough for him to catch on and take advantage of.

Julie was a striking woman with soft blonde hair, curled in a way that was reminiscent of Old Hollywood. Her legs were so long, the trench coat she wore couldn’t hide them, especially with the nude colored heels adding to their length.

“Do you mind if I smoke?” she asked. The cabbie didn’t respond so she cracked the window and lit up. She enjoyed the taste as she inhaled, but it was the circling smoke that really calmed her. She reveled in it, but too soon they were pulling up a long, paved driveway. Julie flicked her cigarette and handed the driver a wad of cash.

“Keep it,” she said as she stepped out of the car. She was going to make fat cash tonight and could afford the luxury of being decadently generous.

Apprehensively, she opened the front door without knocking. She found the politician sitting in the front room, smoking a cigar with a newspaper in hand.

“Good evening, Governor,” Julie said breathily, hoping she sounded a bit like Marilyn Monroe. She pulled open her trench coat, revealing her naked self.

“Good evening, indeed,” he replied as he looked up, clearly appreciating her fleshy curves. Her eyes narrowed and her lips curled up into a smirking smile.

It was just another client.

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