Let Them Come

by Jennifer C.

Ever since 1999, in winter, waiting for the snowflakes to dance down and touch the ground, we'd lay our bodies down on the cold grass and stare up into the gray clouded, and lifeless sky. He and I best friends, never realizing it. Once in a while our spirits would lift as a crisp flake would dance down and land on our cheeks. “They’re coming,” we would whisper to each other.

“They’re coming,” we would say again, but the excitement would die down as the flakes
disappeared - faster than they came, like shy, nervous friends, the snow vanished. The thin, soft packing snow would leave us, occasionally coming and going, like random friends.

But every year he and I would come back to our same spot on our on the back yard and try to be there for the first snowfall, staring up into the never ending sky. We were ready to see those snowflakes who wanted to stay and ready to say goodbye to those who wanted to leave us-even in life, that's just the way things go. In the winter, we wait for snowflakes to fall, and every year, we always do it together.

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Jun 16, 2011
Please comment
by: Jennifer (author)

Hey guys please if u read me peice make sure to comment I love constructive critisism and I'd really like to no what would make my peace grow

Jun 09, 2011
Great Word pics!
by: Sharon K

I like it! Nice word pictures, I can just see the two of you side by side in the grass while flakes drift down. Just a few typos in there but I really enjoyed reading.

Sharon K

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