Listen to your subconscious

by Raz Elmaleh

Ideas are constantly bubbling out of your unconscious mind. You don't really need to brainstorm them. Whatever you do, experience, see, or feel automatically tips your unconscious mind into action. Then, minutes, hours, days, or years later it suddenly pukes the results up into your consciousness: an image, line, name, plot, etc.

Your job is simply to ACCEPT what your mind produces on its own, WRITE it down before you forget, and realize that this is your best stuff. Then, you may DEVELOP that grain into a short story, novel, screenplay, or other.

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Dec 21, 2010
Ideas from your own subconscious mind
by: Jill

I agree that a person's subconscious is bubbling over with ideas. I find that if I go with each idea and elaborate on it mentally, even for just a few moments, whether it's a positive or negative thought process, I find it easier to remember while I look for my pen.

May 06, 2010
Fleeting ideas
by: Anonymous

How true! Creative writing ideas are constantly bubbling up, but we have to be fast and vigilant to capture them before they slip away.

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