Live Life To Its Fullest

by Perley J. Thibodeau
(Manhattan, New York)

I always look back at my past. In writing I have found that is where my future is to be!

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May 05, 2010
Mining the past for creative writing ideas
by: Anonymous

I agree that the past can be a rich source of creative writing ideas. When I am feeling uninspired, I go to my old journals, photo albums, and so on. I have actually asked my parents to return to me letters that I sent to them when I was younger so that I have them as a record of my experiences.

Although real events are often a starting point for my creative writing, I then use my imagination to change them, to make them more interesting or exciting. At the same time, I can sprinkle in real details, which I think gives my fiction a more authentic texture. Often, in my diary, I find descriptions that are far more specific than anything that I could make up.

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