Look at Cosmetic Name Colors...Ooo LaLa!

by Ami Blackwell
(Houston, TX)

I love make-up and everything associated with it! Lip gloss is my newest guilty pleasure and nail polish shades fascinate me. The names on the colors are so creative I can't help but picture far away and exotic places for settings, daring women and femme fatales, and luscious plates of fruits accompanied with the reddest of wines to complete my scenes. Names like Grand Canyon Sunset, Ravish Me Red, I'm Not Really A Waitress, and Absolutely Alice can bring so many stories to life. What a colorful and magical way to weave a tale! From lipsticks, rouges and eyeshadows to hair colors and nail polish, the hues abound providing the backdrop to interesting characters like Fiercely Fiona, whose Flashes of Whimsy lips are shown off as she Sings The Blues at the Rocking Rio Festival along the Sapphire Seas, where the Coral Starfish welcome all of the Mysterious Strangers dressed in Princess Plum gowns! See what I mean? The rest is up to you! Will it be a murder mystery or a torrid love affair? Get your fill of colors and decide!

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Jun 23, 2012
Color names-- Brilliant! NEW
by: Anonymous

As another comment mentioned, Crayola crayon names are soo creative! Since MY new guilty pleasure is not lip gloss, but actually brightly colored nail polish (I usually go for pinks and reds... but I've recently discovered bright green and it looks wonderful!), I love looking at nail polish names.

May 05, 2010
Colorful writing
by: Anonymous

I love the imaginative, colorful way your tip is written, as well as your idea of using cosmetic colors for creative writing ideas.

I have always loved color names myself, on cosmetics and elsewhere. I still remember the names of the colors written on my Crayola crayons when I was a child (my favorite color at the time was "carnation pink!")

Clothing catalogues also often use wonderful names for colors. But I agree with you that cosmetic color names are particularly delicious. I have occasionally been tempted to buy a nail polish or lipstick only for the name.

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