Love in Deathbed

by Amlandeep Bhattacharya

Samantha,Nikita and Farhan were staying near the hospital in Kabul. They had come to Afganistan as reporters of CNBC.

One day, Samantha was interviewing a small child.'Hello, son, do you want to say something about your father? I heard that he disappeared about a year ago from the shrine near Kabul?'

The small boy Afzal replied,'It was late in the evening and we were playing near the ground and those huge firebirds from the sky started bombarding the area. Then some uniform people came and scratched my father to their camp. He was screaming in pain.'

Afzal started crying and while he was trying convey the message to Samantha Madam, some army men came and started beating Afzal and were pointing at him and started shouting 'enemy ,enemy.'

Nikita and Farhan came running and snatched away Afzal from the army men. They experienced some of the pain that young Afzal was experiencing,but their love for the suffering boy was beyond that and Afzal was saved from the massacre by the three journalists who saved him and man this is what we call love in deathbed.

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