Minnie's Summer Adventure

by Tina Ford
(South Bend, Indiana)

Minnie was coming back from her pal Dee's house when she found kittens in grandpa and grandma's barn. She'd been here a whole week with nothing but bike ridin' to do and now kittens. What to do, can't keep them, grandma's allergic, don't want to keep them outside, they might get hurt somehow. Minnie went back to Dee's to share the news. "Only one thing to do" Dee said. "Gotta sell 'em. We can give the money to some charity or something. Mom and Dad always say better to give than receive and you know my Gram has cancer, what do ya think about giving to that cause?" Minnie thought and got a big smile on her face. "Yeah, we could sell 'em for 20 dollars a piece and since there are 7 that would be 140 to charity!" Dee smiled and agreed. They presented the idea to Dee's mom and dad and grandma and they agreed. They even said they would match the amount. Minnie and Dee made signs of bright colors and put them out by the main road so folks could know where to go. "KITTEN FOR SALE: ALL PROCEEDS GOING TO CANCER CHARITIES." Well it was a success. The people came and in no time all kittens were gone. They even ended up with twice the money because people gave more than the kittens were worth. Everybody won. The kittens, the charity and Minnie and Dee because they know it truly is better to give than to receive.

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