Mix and Match

by Glynis Smy

Mix and Match Character Names

Mix and Match Character Names

I have three boxes with snippets of paper in them. One contains male first names, the other, female and the third, surnames. If I ever hear a new name, I jot it down and add it to the relevant box.

When I want to produce a character, I dip into the appropriate box, and pull out a M/F. I then do the same with a surname. If I do not like the name for that particular character, I jot it down in a 'Name Record' notebook, for future reference.

I play my mix and match game until I find the person I am looking for. It is a great way to pass time if you are having a 'blank mind' day.

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Oct 12, 2016
Awesome! NEW
by: Ashley

Your new way of thinking is simply amazing. Thank you for your technique so much.

Feb 08, 2013
Great!!! NEW
by: Angeliva

I used to do that in school whenever we had trouble making plays, we would pick a setting, name and problem. It was very fun! Thanks for bringing memories back. I remember so many good plays I did with that solution!

Jun 20, 2012
Names NEW
by: Paula

I have 6 kids and my two oldest I let them run ramped. I tell them I need girl name both first middle and last, and a boy name both first middle and last and they just go. I will also tell them to come up with a bad guy name. And my oldest did girl names on a piece of paper and middle names and last names and then the boy first name. She would then give me the list and I would go through them and pick what sounded good.

May 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thanks Anonymous. It is quite funny at times. I came up with Rosie Parker this way. I thought it was the ideal name until I realised it sounded like Nosey Parker...LOL

May 05, 2010
I get ideas from names too
by: Anonymous

I have strong associations with names too. I like the mix and match idea. Nice photo as well!

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