Mom's Sunday Dinners

by Beatrice Reeves
(Lloydminster sask..)

I was born and bred in Newfoundland. The memory I have in Smell and Memory is my mom's Sunday dinners. It did not matter if I had eaten that morning or not I looked forward to this special meal. She would get up very early on that day and cooked for hours. My other siblings and I used to sit outside on the front steps smelling the delicious fragrance of her roasted stuffed chicken.. Add the boiled vegetables and gravy to that,it was amazing..Now every time I smell anything similar, it takes me back to mom's cooking when I was a child.

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Sep 26, 2012
nice NEW
by: Anonymous

I like how you started out your out

Aug 09, 2011
love it
by: juanita

way to go keep it up love reading what you write .nan do make the best boil dinner.

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