My Childhood without Complaint

by Ade Prima Sandy
(Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia)

In my life, I always remember every sentence what my parents declare that I should remember my past education that are my schools were full of perpetual struggles to be foundation for better future.

My father is a retirement of government employee who worked in the marine department of communication. over his age by short thin gray-hair, his vein appears over his arms and thin body that has been weak year by year has shown me that he had struggled to overcome financial problem.

my mother is a hard, emotional, discipline, strong woman. she likes to move a house to another because she is a typical woman who always feels bored for things. Every place where I have belonged has its own story.

when I was about eleven, I just could remember every time I was leaving my old house, I always turned around to look at those houses. I remembered that I could not bear the thought of saying goodbye to my old houses and never heard again friends calling my name to invite me to play kites on the top of the mountain, to swim in the river and even to do adventure in the forest seeking small rubber fruit for playing. When I moved to a new school and a new house in a small village,Palaran, that was still surrounded by forest and damaged roads in front of my house, as the view to complete my house through my school.
I was weak, shy, coward, and not confident with my own self because I was thin. I always wore two clothes to look fit wherever I went. but on the other side, I was in good looking. I dressed up neat. I had very tidy and black over my hair. I even imitated my father's habit bringing a comb and put it in his pocket behind. I looked these hands curled themselves to comb my hair. I had thought myself how I differed myself from others.
When I was at school where sounds of crowded were not heard, instead, birds' singing and frogs' voices. I went to that small path to my school. Just sweat and hot shine sun accompanied me. When I came in the classroom, I saw pupils were waiting for the additional food. then My stomach was even snoring while waiting for the pray together to taste the food in the mid-day. Whereas in reality, I always had breakfast before I went to school, but I still felt that it was the thing that I had been waiting. In the breaktime, every class had a schedule to clean the toilets. It was my turn. My teacher's reprimands always hang over my head, but anyways, that's what my friends and I were looking forward to.

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May 22, 2012
by: ela rukmana

Do you still follow your father's habit of bringing a comb and put it in your the pocket behind. : D looks like it's a habit you can not do now

May 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

you have shown your own self background. you made life seemed difficult than it is and you showed your braveness to survive. We believe when we were like you, we always complained it. good luck for you then.

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