My Grandmother's Key

by Katelyn O'Ryan
(Rineyville, KY, Hardin)

Part One:

"I wonder what it's for?" I ask myself looking at a key that my grandmother gave me.

She said it'll solve all my problems. How is a key going to solve all my problems when it doesn't even open anything? I wandered around my grandmother's house I'm staying here until my parents get back from Peru. I've been in every room in this house except for one. For some reason she always kept it locked, I never found out why. Guess I'm going to find out now, a voice inside my head said.

Without thinking I went upstairs to the attic. I wasn't sure if I even should open the door. Who knows what's in there. My stomach went into knots and I paced back and forth. I finally made the decision to open it. I stuck the key into the hole and I heard it click, I slowly opened the door and walked in.

What I saw was breathtaking. It's like another world in here. I started walking down the path I just watch in awe as creatures I've never seen before run in front of me.

"Maine?" a familiar voice says

I turn around and see my old friend Holly.

"What are you doing here?" I ask her

"I'm trapped here, there's no way out of here," she says, terrified.

“What do you mean, trapped?” I ask her.

“Your grandmother said you were up here, so I came up here to find you and you weren’t here. I’ve been trapped in here for about five years.” Holly said while crying.

After she explained how my grandma isn’t who she seems to be we went back to where I came in. The door vanished. We really are trapped. Why would Grandma do something like this? I thought.

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