Mysteries Are Not Always Solved

by Ronald Carvajal
(Florida tampa)

Arnold walked through the door. Despite the building's apparent age this door (unlike all the others) opened without the expected creak or the "old cobweb smell," though whether or not the room was smelly Albert did not know since the hallway's smell still lingered in his nose. "Focus" he thought "don't think of your nasal problems, think of the problems you're going to get into if you don't find out who murdered Bennie". Stealthily, Albert peered into the room which oddly only contained a chair and on the chair was a slumped over body. Arnold gasped as he realized that the person in the chair was his client Cathy. At that moment, Arnold heard a clicking of a revolver at the back of his head. Arnold gasped, it was the last sound he ever made.

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