Neurotic Wrath

by Beatrice Reeves
(Lloydminster sask)

Lydia stared into the mirror. "It is done." She smiled an evil smile. "I have taken her place". The plastic surgeon had said for her not to do this as it was a major operation to change someone's face completely. She had shown the picture of her husband's mistress and demanded to look like her. It turned out well: she was an perfect image of "Sasha". Lydia Logan tricked her ex-husband into thinking she was his wife "Sasha". Her husband had left her for his mistress. Now he had no idea as yet that it was in fact his hated ex wife! "Killing her was easy," thought Lydia. "One cut of the rope was all it took." Hanging now from a tree was her husband's dearly loved wife! She was a climber and Lydia had befriended her to kill her. she went on a climb and got Sasha halfway to the top, then with speed of lightening Lydia had cut the rope, and watched Sasha fall to her death, but instead she got caught in a tree on the way down and hung herself. Lydia scrambled down the steep cliff as quickly as possible, avoiding the scene of the dead body, and ran quickly to her car and sped away. Glancing back, she saw the body swaying in the wind. Laughing in a terrible tone, she put in her contacts and drove to her ex-husband and her new life.

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