NIGHT SINS by Tami Hoag

by Susan Brannigan
(Niagara Falls, ONT. Canada)

Tami Hoag has always been a favorite author of mine as I own several of her novels including GUILTY AS SIN, A THIN DARK LINE and PRIOR BAD ACTS. When I read her first novel NIGHT SINS I went to sleep for two weeks afterwards with the bedroom light on and refused to get out of bed until morning no matter what noises I heard downstairs.

When it comes to her novel NIGHT SINS, don't be surprised if you can't put it down until you have finished it. I know I have tried. If you like good thriller and suspense novels you will LOVE NIGHT SINS and her other novels.

I would highly recommend NIGHT SINS and her other novels if you want a good read and look forward to sitting on the edge of your chair or bed because it will happen to you just like it happens to me.

Tami Hoag has a good sense of what people are afraid of and plays and builds it up in her novels and trust me she is very good at what she does.

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