Old Friends

by Bernie Toledo
(Chula Vista, California, USA)

In an annual gathering of old friends, the seven continents laughed and reminisced happily about the days of Pangaea; a time where they were the closest together. Eurasia was always the center of attention, so she routinely made a witty remark and had the other continents laughing in a blissful uproar - the cause of their current separation according to Antarctica - but that was just speculation.

As Eurasia continued her repartee of delicious humor, Africa whispered into North America's ear. The secret was rather bitter, but North America knew it was the truth. Seeing the obvious exchange of words between the two and the changed expression on North America's face, South America, India, and Australia stopped laughing. Eurasia, in the middle of her next joke, stopped as well. North America spoke up:

"My dearest friends, it has come to my attention that we are not at fault for our continuing separation. Africa has provided me with some insightful information as to why we are no longer huddled together and getting along as we used to."

Eurasia, being the boldest, spoke next. "Well, what is it then?

Africa and North America exchanged once last glance as North America said, "There are just too many inconsistencies between us."

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