PAINLESS by Derek Ciccone

by Angela Moore
(Birmingham UK)

I had a Kindle for Christmas, and I purchase books often. I came across this particular book and, though it sounded and looked creepy, I was intrigued to read it. I am currently writing my own story and I think that this book gave me some encouragement to write the way I am now...psychological thriller style. I usually read authors like Jane Austen and Shakespeare.

This book is Painless by Derek Ciccone. I suffer with pain in my knee, and after reading this I was grateful not to be immune to pain.

I liked the way the story is written, giving some back-story, a nice kind of story of the family, then the build-up to what is to come. It's everything a book needs to capture the reader and give as much information as it can without giving everything away too soon. The use of characters and dialogue was fascinating, although at the beginning I did think, 'what have I got myself into?' due to the opening chapter.

A must-read to elaborate and experiment with different genres, and if you know anyone who reads military-style books it's one to pass on to them when you've finished.

So happy reading, and it's good to feel pain...

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