Poetry Prompts and Poem Starters

Poem starters - Write a poem about:

  • Three wishes

  • Traveling to an unknown place

  • Getting a haircut

  • A scientific fact (real or invented)

  • An insect that got into your home

  • The sound of a specific language

  • Death

  • The number 3

  • The ocean

  • Missing someone

  • Something that makes you angry

  • The feeling of writing, why you want to be a writer

  • The ups and downs of love

  • The view out your window

  • City lights at night

  • A particular work of art

  • Having a superpower

  • Being in an airplane

  • Playing a sport

  • A shadow

  • A person transformed into an animal

Write instructions for how to:

  • Daydream

  • Cry

  • Kiss well

  • Find happiness

  • Peel a peach

Write a poem that contains all three words from one of these lists:

  1. "Silky," "gigantic," and "puzzle."

  2. "Leaf," "accelerating," and "sticky."

  3. "Skin," "drastic," and "dusty."

  4. "Interrupt," "nutmeg," and "crystalline."

  5. "Exacting," "oxygen," and "delicate."

  6. "Reptilian," "arched," and "honey."

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