by Mary

Everyone looks forward to prom. Even I did, the tomboy who all the guys knew and all the girls looked down upon.

It was a magical night. I arrived about halfway through the event, all dolled up. My boyfriend told me he'd meet me there. I hadn't seen him yet, but I assumed he was there.

The punch and desserts tasted disgusting, but I guess we didn't have as much effort put into that. I drank some anyway and mostly stayed on the sidelines. Some people walked past and stared while some guys approached me and talked to me about the football team's winning.

I watched silently in the middle of the big room when they announced the prom king and queen. I knew my boyfriend would want to see it, but I still had no idea where he was.

Of course, Jessica Simms won queen. She was the most popular girl in school, no matter how much we hated her. We were just scared of her wrath.
Still no sign of my boyfriend.

I looked around for him, but only saw him after the prom king and queen left the stage.
There he was.

Jessica Simms and him, kissing, right in front of everyone.

Some people yelled “get a room”, some went “oooo” and some stayed silent.

Me? I decided to do something different.

I ran out of the room, pulling my earrings out and wiping off my makeup as I cried, running to my car. I got in, started the car, and cried to my heart's content. I guess it was only a coincidence it was raining that night.

He never came looking for me, I never thought about him again.

I never really looked forward to prom anyway...

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