by Eline Fejerskov

“Last one out is an ugly cow!”
It was cold and I could feel the wind blow. I stood still and let my feet feel the sand. The sand was smooth and I had cold water reaching up to my waste. In the background of children screaming, I could hear people talking and playing music. Old loud music like the Beatles.
I heard a splash and my friend Amalie shouted, “Watch out!”
Another boy behind me shouted, “Think fast!”
I didn’t react fast enough. A ball of dirty mud and sand hit my back. I bent down into the water with my arms and picked up a handful of sand. I turned fast around and threw it. Fast I duck under water so they couldn’t throw back at me. I heard allot of splashes and the water around me was dirty. Amalie had thrown sand on me while I was under water!
I shouted, “The war has started!”
Then a boy with a squeaky voice yelled calmly, “Ok, You asked for it!”

I was on a trip, camping. I looked forward all year to the trip. The dads and their children from our street drove for two hours and came to a camping place. There were tents and caravans all over the dark green grass fields. There was smell of smoke from burned and perfect made barbeque. You also smelled nature and salt, salt water. There was happy people smiling everywhere and small children that stuffed candy into their mouths. I was always one of those children.

A new hand full of mud hit my back. I whipped away the water from my face of being under water. I saw all my friends with water up to their waists and the part of their bodies that were over water were covered in sand. Everyone were throwing mud at each other. I fast picked up a piece of sand and threw it at someone.
I was small, blond and stupid, so I defiantly thought that this was funny because I was never allowed to throw mud at people!
Of course, I kept going on and throwing mud. I finely stopped when I couldn’t feel my feet because the water was so cold and the sun had slowly going down. The water had gone from cold to freezing.

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