Rough Road

by Alice Glenn

An old raggedy car, with everything you can think of, is falling apart. It sounds good but the ride is bumpy. Got to get somewhere where you don't know where you are going in the black cold night. You perhaps made a wrong turn where the only thing you know is that your gut tell you it's wrong and the old car is bouncing up and down and nothing in the dark looks familiar. Scary being alone on that old rough road and Lord and behold what do you think you see? A chair in the middle of the middle of the road. Mmm do you go around it? Do you stay on the road and run into it. Oh no the car is already falling apart, and the road doesn't give any help to the old black beat up Chevy.

I got to get where I'm going. Oh I see the big old oak tree I am on my way. This road is so rough. If hadn't turned down this road I might have been there by now. It is almost 9pm. It's getting late. I must hurry. These rough spots in this road seem as if it has no end. Whew my eyes are getting tiered because it is
so dark. Now I' thinking a lesson for me to learn. I got to turn the wipers on because t he windows are getting all fog up. I am not going to breathe hard it will only make it worth. What's that noise? Oh yes the heat is coming on! It feels like I am riding on big rocks all the way . Oh look there go the old picket fence surrounded by white door posts. I really know where I am going. I will soon be there. I started to turn around but would that would have been better or worst.

There's grandma house. All lit up. I know she was pacing the floor. Safely made it. She will be so happy to see me and her Girl scout shortbread cookies she order from my girls every year. Grandma love her cookies she said they are baked perfectly and are deliciously tasty. I will not take that rough road back to grandma house.

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