Sammy the Lost Bunny (a Children's Story)

by Beatrice Reeves
(Lloydminster canada)

Sammy the bunny was a very friendly little animal, who liked to play with special friends. He had one particular friend,named Nicholas. One day Sammy was sitting by a sandbox, waiting for his friend. It was a sunny, windy day, the kind that Sammy liked, as he waited for Nicholas. He was a larger bunny than Sammy,s ort of like his protector, he never ventured anywhere without his friend. "I wonder where he is," Sammy thought, as he was always on time. After a while he decided to go home, it seemed like it was getting late. Happily he started hopping along to his home for supper, when suddenly he stopped in confusion, The trail was much bigger than the one he had come from. He was now a little scared. "This is not the way home," he thought. And it was getting dark and the sounds and the wind rustled through the trees. Then suddenly he heard a sound. Hopping quickly under a large tree he stayed there, scared of what may come towards him! Trees really scared him as bunnies got lost in the dark, he thought. "Sammy, where are you?" Nicholas's voice carried through the wind. Joy filled his heart as he hopped from under the trees. "I am here, Nicholas! "I lost my way home," he said. "Come, I will show you the way Nicholas replied. They arrived to Sammy's home, then Nicholas said, "See you tomorrow Sammy." "Yes," replied Sammy happily, "See you tomorrow friend.'' Children, never go anywhere alone, without a parent or friend. THE END.

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