SBI! Review

Some years ago, I wanted to create a website, but I didn't know anything about the technical side of things. After considering various options, I bought a DIY package from a company called Sitesell/SBI that cost $299. I had looked at website builders with more attractive design templates, but SBI offered tools to bring traffic to the site. The results have been life-changing.

The best part of SBI for me has been the training. Their package includes a detailed written and video guide which showed me step-by-step how to build a website that would bring visitors. The process requires a leap of faith because the traffic doesn't come all at once. But at some point during about my second year, my website traffic began to grow. And grow. I remember one day when over 21,000 visitors came to the site -- all in the same day.

I am not an Sitesell affiliate -- I don't receive any payment for recommending them, but I am intensely grateful for what they have done for me, so when the company put out a call for customer reviews, I wanted to respond.

Here's my honest review of SBI.


  • Previously, one of the drawbacks was unattractive templates. But their designs have improved, and their website builder is very flexible.

  • As with most things, it requires work and patience to get results. People who are too impatient to read the training materials or who skip steps are likely to be disappointed.

  • They provide a complete education in building an online business. That alone is worth far more than the annual price of $299.

  • They keep clients abreast of new developments in the constantly-changing online landscape.

  • They are constantly improving and adapting their tools, without raising the price.

  • As a website host, they offer amazing technical stability and speed. In the seven years since I've been using their service, my website has been down exactly once. This is remarkable, especially taking into account spikes in traffic.

  • Their clients have access to online forums, which provide a valuable support system -- I've learned a great deal from other website owners.
In summary, I highly recommend Sitesell if you...

  • care about not only building a website, but also attracting visitors.

  • want to learn how to build an online business.

  • are patient enough to read the training materials and work one step at a time.

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