Sticky Perfume

by Giwa
(Lagos, Nigeria)

It's a smell of attraction, intimacy, and it brings back beautiful memories of happiness that existed between my ex-girlfriend and me. I still remember vividly and tenaciously the smell and aura that it carried with it. The smell was probably of a perfume and smelt of a strong but nice fragrance. It seemed like it was just a combination of sweet smelling flowers. I remember the aura that filled her and ultimately me when we hugged and kissed for the first time. It stuck to my smell receptors ever since that day and if I come in contact again with it, it will only bring back happy moments to my mind. Although I think it was the memory that made the smell stick to my memory. The power in that smell made me appreciate and understand that French novel, perfume, which was also replicated as a movie. All in all, life is just how you perceive (smell) things.

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