The Busy Life of Mark Whopeburg

by Amlandeep Bhattacharya

It was raining heavily when Mark called Nikita . He had to tell Nikita not to walk the ramp for Anushka Mitra. After two days there was the meeting of Anushka with Sir Jefferson,the yanky tall doctor from Africa. After speaking to Nikita Mark met Ann Suleivan and told him that he wants to sponsor the poor children who are unable to go to schools.

Mark was busy with the show . Then he told Nikita to come down to 13 Janpath where Mr. Prem Singh Chowtala stays. Mark told Nikita that he was believed to be the son of Lord Samsung who lost his life in the New York firing. Nikita then kissed the soft hands of Mark and told him,'Mark I am your fiance. So you should do the ramp for me.'

Mark hesitated a bit and then brought some twenty to thirty diamond balls and told Nikita to choose from them.He knew that he must finish fast with her as he needed to deal with another model near Lalkilla. Mark thought that if he can subside Nikita any way then he will meet the other girl.
After two days Mark bought some sweets for Sweata and told her how much he liked her. Just when he was discussing business with Sweata Nikita called him. She spoke for a few minutes to Mark and understood that Mark was two timing her. She didn't tell Mark anything as one rightly knows Mark was busy,very busy.

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